Whatever type of compliance you are trying to reach whether that be PCI compliance or HIPPA. Avandata has the experience you need. We also understand web applications are the most vulnerable piece of software in the world since everyone can potentially reach via the internet. We protect your data by keeping it confidential, private, and available.

Big Data

We have experience crunching terabytes of data and making future predictions of that data or analyzing data to reach a new market and optimize cost. We leverage technologies such as hadoop to run data in parallels for fast processing of large datasets. 

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Web Applications

Implementing an agile software delivery approach to your e-business can deliver tremendous rewards. In order to achieve these results we focus on three aspects when developing web applications.


Innovation requires creativity and an alternative view of the problem. At Avandata we work to innovate. 


With over ten years of combined experience in our work staff, and leveraging consultants from several areas Avandata prides it self on using its experience to develop quick, simple solutions


When you work with Avandata you are working with our team of professionals not an out sourced team that you cant rely on when you need it most.  We build scalable, solid, and reliable software.